About Us

R&R Outdoors Inc. also known as All Weather Billiards and Games is a Naples, Florida Outdoor Pool Table Company established in 1998. We are the original and only manufacturer of regulation, outdoor pool tables using the preferred 1 inch Brazilian Slate Bed. We also manufacture other fun outdoor games.

Think of our products as being built like a boat. They can withstand wind, rain, salt water and snow. If you keep them clean and take care of them, they will look amazing for years. If you don’t, it will still float. If you take care of your table, it will look amazing for years! If you don’t, it will still play!

Our pool and game tables are built for both residential and commercial play, indoors and out. We are a proud member of both Billiard Congress of America and the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals.

               “Rugged enough to withstand the outdoor elements.
          Beautiful enough to enhance any indoor entertainment area.”


First Outdoor Pool Table Sold

Mike DeWitt was the original founder of All Weather Billiards. He was an avid pool player and had a vast mechanical and fabrication background. This came in handy when he was asked if he could build an outdoor pool table for a friend. After several “prototypes”, Mike built his first authentic slate outdoor weather resistant pool table.


Table Design Expands.

In 2006, the All Weather Billiards product lines grew from 1 design to 4 designs including the Caesar, Orion, South Beach and Caribbean outdoor pool tables.



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R&R Outdoors, Inc. purchases and re-energizes All Weather Billiards

In May of 2013 we purchased All Weather Billiards from founder Mike DeWitt.


Product Line Grows!

In 2015, R&R Outdoors, Inc. also known as All Weather Billiards launched hard-top dining conversions for their outdoor pool tables as well as bench seating. This allowed customers to convert their outdoor pool tables to a space that could be used to dine al fresco, play card games or just sit around with family and friends and shoot the breeze.


New Outdoor Game Tables Launched.

In 2017, we launched two more outdoor game tables to add to the product lines. Shuffle Board & Cornhole tables are now available at R&R Outdoors, Inc.


Regulation Tables with Exceptional Style Since 1998 • Proudly Made in the USA

Life is better
played outside!

Life is better giving back.

R&R Outdoors, Inc. also known as All Weather Billiards participates in a number of community affiliations throughout Naples and the world. We partner with:

  • Rotary in Naples, Florida
  • Hope for Haiti
  • Young Life
  • The Special Olympics

We also support a Blue Zone lifestyle.

Exceptional Quality All Weather Pool and Game Tables

Kind Words From Our Customers

"We are enjoying the pool table very much. It looks great on the back patio and makes our house the place where neighbors want to hang out. It appears to be very well made; it has already been rained on several times and has shown no effects. The water dries off the Sunbrella fabric quickly."
Tim Wyant
“These pool tables are the absolute best I’ve ever seen and I don’t believe how good they play, the performance matches anything available anywhere.” . – Vivian Villerreal Woman’s professional Pool Player World Champion and named wpba most exciting player..
Vivian Villerreal
Woman’s Professional Pool Player World Champion
Named WPBA Most Exciting Player
“Thanks for the job your guys did on the custom Outdoor Pool Table for our client at the Tiburon at the Ritz Carlton . It was perfect what a product!”
Tim at Rec Room Furniture
Naples, Florida