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A modern pool table is a stunning addition to today’s space. Our pool table design will create an immediate attraction…. but looks will only get you so far. A legitimate gaming table needs to be made of quality materials and the play field must perform at the highest levels.

R&R Outdoors Defines the Modern Pool Table

A Modern Pool or Contemporary Pool Table means clean lines and a minimalist style. It means streamlined features and stunning silhouettes. Most importantly, nothing says custom contemporary like options. That’s right – if you can choose the color and size of your iPhone why shouldn’t you be able to do the same with your pool table?

From the size of the table to the color of the bed, and R&R Outdoor Pool Table lets you decide what a modern pool table should look like.

At R&R Outdoors, we believe your custom pool table should be exactly that, your design and contemporary. For us, that means building outdoor pool tables that play perfect, and are also fully customizable:

  • 10 Color Options for the Base and Rails
  • 3 Different Table Sizes
  • 100+ Sunbrella Fabric colors
  • Add a logo or family crest
  • Dining Table Conversion Tops and Seating
  • Indoor/Outdoor Pool Table

Elevate your game and your space with a Modern Pool Table from R&R Outdoors

Modern Pool Table Designs from R&R Outdoors | Indoor/Outdoor Pool Tables

Modern Pool Tables from R&R Outdoors

The Horizon

R&R Outdoors Horizon Modern Pool Table features a streamline design and additional space for seating. Why seating, you ask? That’s because this custom pool table can be easily converted to a dining table, for both indoor or outdoor seating.

The Balcony

One of our most popular designs for modern homes and outdoor spaces is the Balcony, whose minimalist lines create for stunning spatial transformations. Like the Horizon, this pool table has the option to function as a table with additional seating.

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