Outdoor Games Can Improve Your Health


Every purchase is an investment and every investment should be worth your while. We know our Outdoor Pool Tables and other All-Weather Games are a worthwhile investment. You may know that our products are highly customizable, weather resistant, stylish, long-lasting, and a dang good time, but what you may not know is that these pool tables and our other games come with certain health benefits as well!

How Can Playing Games Impact My Health?

It’s no secret that games like pool, shuffleboard, foosball and table tennis aren’t as physically strenuous as games like football, basketball, soccer, and hockey. HOWEVER, these games still burn calories, which certainly beats lounging on the couch or the insignificant number of calories we might burn “exercising” our fingers on electronic devices. Studies show that finishing a game of pool is equivalent to walking a mile. Believe it or not, playing pool actually tones our muscles! The need to continually bend and reach leads to low-impact toning of the legs, back, and hip muscles. Foosball has a crazy amount of energy and competition that definitely gets the heart pumping. Cornhole boards are 27ft apart! Ok, so maybe that short walk isn’t a bit deal but when you combine that with tossing the bag, balance for the throw and jumping up and down win you win; well again, beats sitting in front of the talking heads!

In addition to physical exercise, these games also challenge, strengthen and enhance mental abilities. For example, in a game of pool one must learn to perfect their break, calculate the right angle while avoiding knocking in the Q and 8 ball, and determine where and how hard to strike the correct ball. These aspects of the game require a great deal of mental strength. The ability to pay attention to detail while focusing on a specific task and blocking all external stimuli is the kind of mental strength that is valuable in all areas of life. Games like these help us train our brain and allow us to connect with the present moment all while having FUN!

An Added Benefit

What makes our games especially healthy is that they can be played and kept outdoors as well! Our outdoor pool tables and other outdoor games are the perfect excuse for you and your loved ones to get some much-needed fresh air. Time spent in the great outdoors does wonders for our health!

According to Robert Manning, professor of recreation management at the University of Vermont, time spent in outdoor recreation leads to a range of benefits, from reduced obesity rates to stronger family ties. Additional research claims that time spent outdoors makes us happier, cleanses/detoxifies the lungs, strengthens the immune system with vitamin D exposure, and boosts energy while sharpening the mind. With all of the benefits to both game play and fresh air, it’s apparent that our games are a perfect addition to your healthy lifestyle.

Our quality outdoor shuffleboards and other all-weather games offer a healthy and fun way to balance how your family spends their time. Access to fun and engaging games will inspire your friends and family to turn the phone off and get their game on. These quality games act not only as an incentive to unplug but also as an incentive to get fresh air since they are built to withstand the elements of the outdoors.

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned game with some competition that encourages relationships.

ROI is High!

When you invest in an R&R Outdoor Pool Table or other R&R Outdoor Fun Game, you’re investing in your home life, your relationships, your quality of time, and your HEALTH! What a great ROI! As we all get ourselves ready for the summer season and our outdoor living spaces ready we invite you to consider the benefits of some games that will raise the bar. Take the leap and invest in your space and your health with one of our all Outdoor Pool Tables and other All Weather Outdoor Games!

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