Elevating the Rustic Pool Table

If you live for the outdoors there’s a good chance you have a competitive spirit that embraces games of skill and chance. And when your man-cave, game-room, or cabin lodge is ready for an upscale renovation or addition; nothing makes a statement quite like a pool table. Luckily, there are a variety of Rustic Pool Tables, so you can be sure you’ll find the right one for you.

Word of advice: when it comes to rustic pool table design prepare yourself to be overwhelmed by lumber. We get it! What’s going to look better in your log cabin (made of wood, by the way) than a pool table made out of, well… wood? It does look cool, when the room your pool table is in has been built and accented with wood.

BUT, is more wood really what that room needs? We say Noooooooooooooooo.  Lets’ use STONE.

Enter R&R Outdoors

At R&R Outdoors, we believe our tables should stand out, not blend in.

As custom pool table manufacturers of distinction, we keep a keen eye on pool table design trends. We’ve watched as people looking for a rustic pool table were stuck with one option:

Rustic = Wood. So we set out to redefine the rustic pool table.

Our Artisan Pool Table doesn’t blend in with your wood walls, wood floors, wood bars, or the woods outside the window. The Artisan elevates your space with inviting, eye catching textures and elements that break up and heighten the space. This amazing cool stone finish along side the warm character of woods will divide the space rather than let the room be consumed with yet another cliché of wooden panels.


Rustic Pool Table Inspiration – featuring the Artisan Pool Table

Artisan Pool Table Inspiration | R&R Outdoors

Rustic Pool Tables taken to the next level

We have high standards for our pool tables, and when we say rustic, we really mean it. All of our pool tables have are designed and built to be played outdoors as well. The most durable materials and the highest quality of American-made craftsmanship goes into each one of our custom crafted tables. You can choose between dozens of Sunbrella Fabric playing field colors for outdoors or choose the best indoor felt – Simonis.  Get a table that can endure the weather and make you want to center your events outside without worrying about ANY of the elements this country’s climate brings.

Before and After a Pool Table in the Snow | R&R Outdoors


Olhausen Billiards has been manufacturing pool tables since 1972. As our newest partner for R&R Outdoors the combined production/design experience is over 68 years.  Our tables withstand wind, rain, salt water and snow and are built for residential and commercial play both indoors and out.

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