Strategic Partnership – 6 out of 6!

With a currently strong but always a bit uncertain economy, many businesses are looking to form strategic partnerships for 6 reasons:

  • Acquire new customers
  • Generate increased revenue
  • Expand product lines
  • Share resources
  • Enlarge customer base
  • Doorway to new technology and IP
Benefits of Strategic Partnerships | R & R Outdoors All Weather Pool Tables

R&R Outdoors is pleased to announce a recent strategic partnership with the best in billiards, Olhausen Billiard MFG, Inc – “The Best In Billiards”. R&R Outdoors’ factory has literally been picked up and plugged into the Portland, TN plant and is fully functioning under the operating structure of Olhausen and their manufacturing umbrella. We make a great team and plan to continue diversifying and expanding our production opportunities. When we outgrew our manufacturing facility in Naples, Florida we knew we had to find a company with not only a larger manufacturing facility but also one that was worthy of manufacturing our high-quality outdoor games. It was a diligent effort to find the right “fit”. Robbie Selby, president and director of fun at R&R Outdoors, chose to partner with Donny Olhausen, CEO of Olhausen billiards primarily due to Olhausen’s long-standing reputation as a quality, American-made family business. She felt that the way Donny does business reflected her own culture, philosophy and future ambitions.

Robbie and Donny had been colleagues and peers with some shared dealers in the industry but they didn’t really know each other that well. In May of last year Donny came to visit Robbie and R&R Outdoor’s at her Naples, Florida factory to discuss a potential partnership. Robbie said that as the two of them were strategizing and discussing industry opportunities “it just felt right.” There was a good synergy between the two of them when it came to business philosophy’s AND they also had a lot of laughs together. They played golf in the morning and ended the last day by watching history in the making as they witnessed Justify win the Triple Crown. After a day like that, Robbie and Donny decided that the partnership would be a good fit.

Combine Robbie’s strong business background and outdoor living industry knowledge with Donny’s background in billiards, manufacturing and longevity through economic ups and downs, and this team has a strong foundation. Donny learned a lot about the billiards industry at a young age from his father. With his experience, Donny moved to California in 1972 and started a company moving and re-covering pool tables. He also delivered new tables for a small manufacturing company in San Diego. He ran into what would be the opportunity of his life-time when the manufacturing company he delivered for offered to sell him the business for $1,000. He took all he had and purchased the company that would change his life in 1973. When he bought the company they were only selling about 35 tables a year. Donny’s goal was to double that. Within two years his company was selling over 300 pool tables per year. Almost 50 years later, Olhausen billiards is selling over 30,000 tables a year.

Chart Sales Arrow Up: Benefits of Strategic Partnerships | R & R Outdoors All Weather Pool Tables

Similarly, in May of 2013 Robbie bought All Weather Billiards from its original founder, who started the company in 1998, and she took it to new heights. Robbie re-named the company R&R Outdoors to re-brand its image as the premier company for outdoor fun and entertainment. The company continued to thrive and expand with Robbie in charge. At the end of 5 years, All Weather Billiards had grown their sales 800%. They have also doubled the original number of styles of outdoor pool tables, going from 4-8 different designs. She also expanded the product line to include other outdoor games like cornhole and shuffleboard along with the original outdoor ping-pong and foosball tables helped to fuel the growth. But the biggest boost came from adding the dining conversion tops and seating for the pool tables. Like Donny, Robbie proved that she is able to take a good business and make it spectacular!

Robbie Selby, President of R&R Outdoors and Donny Olhausen, CEO of Olhausen Billiards | R&R Outdoors Partners with Olhausen Billiards

Both Donny and Robbie are committed to growing and expanding their business. They are motivated to keep up with current trends and give their dealers and customers the latest designs. Robbie is a business savvy, innovative, design oriented and forward-thinking individual that perfectly complements Donny’s ability to conceptualize and manufacture many styles of unique and quality products. The ability to compete and develop new product lines and styles that are trending in the market allows them to be leading competitors in the industry. Their strategic partnership offers additional opportunities that their competitors aren’t able to offer; quality games for either indoor or outdoor use, manufactured in the USA under one roof. The outdoor living trend has grown exponentially over the past 10 years. Robbie knew this and now Donny does too. He says he wishes he would have made this choice sooner but is glad to have the perfect team and company expansion now. Donny had been asked for years about outdoor pool tables but it is a daunting task to add such a new and intricate/specific product line. As such, bringing R&R Outdoors under the Olhausen manufacturing umbrella was the perfect option. Olhausen’s significant investment in R&R Outdoors was made in an effort to diversify and increase business and sales opportunities, and it’s safe to say it did just that. The additional revenue stream that their dealers gain ensures that their partnership will only continue to grow and prosper. Overall, bringing R&R Outdoors under Olhausen Billiards brought a new energy and different perspectives to both companies. Robbie and Donny both feel that their partnership fosters a refreshing and renewed outlook on business strategy that is destined for success.

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